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Drone Training Simulator for Education

By 20. August 2016Allgemein

August 1st marks the beta release of Zephyr, a drone training simulator that is uniquely designed for drone training and education developed by Little Arms Studios. The intent of Zephyr is to be the drone operator training tool educators want, combining accurate flight models and physics with a built in Learning Management System that tracks the pilot’s progress.All of this means Zephyr gives both instructors and institutions a variety of tools to help provide precise instruction by adapting and improving the quality of teaching.

“We chose to release Zephyr in a beta state so we could have all the drone operators try it out and give us feedback on what’s good, and what we can do better,” said Kyle Bishop, CEO of Little Arms Studios. “Our team is constantly reaching out globally to both schools and industry professionals across all the different uses of drones to find out what they need to practice their jobs.”

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